Tiny Things - Feltner Alley, San Marcos, TX

Tiny Things - Feltner Alley, San Marcos, TX

When the sun sets, the Monarch Yellow glows and metallic copper branches sparkle. 

Sweet public mural located in downtown San Marcos on Feltner Alley just across the Price Center & Garden. Commissioned by Melissa Forrester in honor of her late husband George Forrester and his love of all the tiny things we tend to overlook in the San Marcos River. Pearl Milkweed blooms, Wild Rice pods, Turk's Cap buds, and Bald Cypress tree cones.Click on the photos to see videos of my process. 


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@Cory Thank you so much! It was a fun mural to paint and the story behind it is super sweet.


Absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

Cory Cranfill

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