Lotus Flower with Heart Chakra Mural at Laurel Grace Yoga Studio

Heart Chakra Lotus - Laurel Grace Yoga Studio

The heart chakra, or Anahata chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the center of the spine at heart level. Anahata roughly translates to, “unhurt.” Accordingly, the heart chakra acts as the individual's center of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. (I Stole that from Google)

Location of mural: Laura Grace Yoga Studio

OCTOBER 24, 2021:
It’s not coincidence that I was asked to paint a heart chakra mural a while back, and that I’m finishing it this week. I just posted on my personal page that I’ve been collecting imagery of hearts that I see in random places. It didn’t even occur to me that I created one yesterday. There is definitely a theme going on that God wants me to recognize… I guess my mind gets so busy in work so that I don’t have to feel or think about things going on in my life. I just kind of zone out and concentrate on making beautiful marks. The world is on pause when I paint. It’s not until brushes are soaking in water that I take a moment to gaze at my creations and the day folds in on me.

I only painted about four hours yesterday, however I was so exhausted afterwords I could barely drive home. I sat in the driveway listening to music trying to find the energy to move my legs to walk inside. I put everything into my art. Regardless of how long I work on some thing, I’m physically drained afterwards. I can only assume it’s because I really do put 100% into all of it, and that’s hard. I recover today excited about this heart chakra, the meaning of Anahata, and the relevance in holds in my life today. i’m pretty sure I needed this is much is the studio needed me. It’s been a week of intentional feeling. Today I rest. 



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Love it! So calming!

Diana Scheunemann


Cory Cranfill

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