Herbal Flower Mural _ Blooming Day Spa _ Michi WOC

Blooming Day Spa - Medicinal Flower Mural

Delicate addition to Blooming Day Spa's waiting room. Such a calming space. I highly recommend scheduling a massage here just so you can relax in this room. Each flower was was requested by Becky, owner of Blooming Day Spa, to represent different fragrant, healing, medicinal herbs planted in her garden just outside the spa such as chamomile, echinacea, yarrow root. 

Echinacea Flower botanical illustration mural - michis_woc
Echinacea Flower
 botanical illustration mural _ Michi WOC  botanical illustration mural detail _ Michi WOC 
Mural Details

Here's some info on the business: 

"Blooming Day Spa provides a unique and exclusive experience where you will always be our only guest. 

Located in the San Marcos Historic District near downtown, our cozy craftsman style studio is designed to keep you relaxed and at peace. Potted plants brim over the front porch and the shelves inside. Trickling fountains, soothing music, and filtered light create the calming atmosphere you have been searching for close to home.

At Blooming Day Spa, you can expect to be slathered with mostly local organic bath & beauty products during your massage and body treatments. You will leave your private session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Of course, if you WANT to share the experience, you can also choose to bring your friends for a spa party."


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